By Isreal Duarte  February 9, 2022 at 3:30pm

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There’s no room in their narrative for freedom of speech.

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Breaking: Bob Saget’s Cause of Death Revealed – It’s Not What Authorities Thought

According to a source with intimate knowledge of the situation, the cause of Bob Saget’s death has been revealed.

 By Michael Austin  February 9, 2022

Shock Video: New Hampshire Town Official Sends Unmasked Parents to Back of the Room

A Hudson, New Hampshire, official ordered parents without face masks to move to the back of the room during a school board meeting.

 By Richard Moorhead  February 9, 2022

Leftists Launch Plot to Sideline Clarence Thomas as Jan. 6 Cases Advance in Courts

Multiple liberal outlets have targeted Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas over his wife’s conservative activism.

 By Randy DeSoto  February 9, 2022

Adele Canceled? Twitter Explodes After Singer Says ‘I Really Love Being a Woman’ During Awards Speech

Adele joined the ranks of the left’s hated ‘TERFs’ after daring to declare that she loves being a woman.

 By Isa Cox  February 9, 2022

GOP Rep Says Staff Made Chilling Discovery in Office Mail, Then Realized What Biden’s DOJ Had Done

‘This is felonious behavior,’ Texas Republican Rep. Louis Gohmert said in a statement condemning the alleged DOJ actions.

 By Mike Landry  February 9, 2022

‘WJ Live’: ‘The Rock’ Backtracks on Support of Rogan as Cancel Culture Destroys Entertainment

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson took back his staunch support after a recent controversy surfaced surrounding Joe Rogan.

 By Isreal Duarte  February 9, 2022

CNN’s Don Lemon Changes Direction on Old Pal Chris Cuomo Over Breach of ‘Journalistic Standards’

CNN’s Don Lemon had some very unkind words for old pal Chris Cuomo on the subject of Cuomo’s severance package from the network.

 By Jack Davis  February 9, 2022

Stacey Abrams Gets Her ‘Race Card Rejected,’ Resorts to Embarrassing Apology for Unmasked School Photo

Someone in the Abrams camp must have finally realized that lashing back at supposed ‘racism’ wasn’t going to fly this time.

 By Joe Saunders  February 9, 2022

Watch: Fed-Up Students Who Oppose Forced Masking Serve School Board with Baskets Full of Affidavits

As the students filed in, a man in the front stood up and said aloud, ‘You are being served a legal document. You must take it.’

 By Samantha Chang  February 9, 2022

Scaros: The Problem with ‘No Context Allowed’ for the N-Word

It’s one thing to condemn racists, but another to treat those who utter the N-word without malicious intent as social outcasts.

 By Constantinos E. Scaros  February 9, 2022


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