By Rachel Bratton  October 1, 2021 at 1:55pm

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President Joe Biden received his booster shot and then proceeded to attend the Congressional Baseball Game mask-free.

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Rachel Bratton is a Junior Associate Video Producer at the Western Journal. She is currently earning her degree in Communications and Christian Studies at Grand Canyon University.

Rachel Bratton is an Editorial Intern at the Western Journal. She is currently earning her degree at Grand Canyon University, where she has contributed to research on civil discourse.

Workers Who Maintain Supply Chains Issue Bone-Chilling Warning Every American Needs to Hear

The people responsible for transporting global freight are warning of a total supply chain collapse thanks to coronavirus restrictions.

 By Kipp Jones  October 1, 2021

‘Goodbye Kisses’: Heartbreaking Photo of Special Treats for Dogs Being Euthanized Goes Viral

It began when Casey Hinkley, a veterinary technician, spotted a lovely idea online of a treat jar for dogs about to cross the rainbow bridge.

 By Amanda Thomason  October 1, 2021

Schumer Kept Key Deal Hidden from Pelosi Until This Week: Report

This reported secret agreement indicates that a significant disconnect among Democratic leadership is growing.

 By Amy Gamm  October 1, 2021

Amusement Park Tragedy: 6-Year-Old Dies After Ride Operators Reportedly Failed to Check Seat Belts

The Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety report said there were multiple violations of Amusement Ride and Devices Regulations.

 By Amanda Thomason  October 1, 2021

House Republicans Demand Immediate Release of Marine Officer Jailed for Criticizing Biden Policy

Scheller’s original video, posted Aug. 26 to Facebook and LinkedIn, questioned military leaders who abandoned Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.

 By Dillon Burroughs  October 1, 2021

‘WJ Live’: Political Theater – Joe Biden Shows America How Two-Faced He Naturally Is

Photos of President Joe Biden getting his booster shot raised a lot of questions – not to mention his actions after getting the shot.

 By Rachel Bratton  October 1, 2021

Confidential Document Shows Even Larger Surge of Haitian Migrants Is Headed Toward US: Report

The new report comes as DHS prepares for what could be its largest month of illegal immigrants yet, according to one expert.

 By Dillon Burroughs  October 1, 2021

‘Cruel’ and ‘Inhumane’: 15 Cats and Kittens Found in Crate with No Food or Water, Dumped by River

There was no food, no water and no chance of survival for the cats if someone hadn’t come along at just the right time.

 By Amanda Thomason  October 1, 2021

Pat Robertson Abruptly Steps Down as ‘The 700 Club’ Host After 60 Years, But He Isn’t Retiring

The host is well known for interviewing high-profile political figures, including former presidents of the United States.

 By Brett Davis  October 1, 2021

The Biden Administration Just Instituted the Largest Food Stamp Benefit Increase in US History

The USDA, under the Biden Administration, has instituted the largest food stamp benefit Increase in history.

 By Kipp Jones  October 1, 2021


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