By Isreal Duarte  April 1, 2022 at 3:47pm

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They’re trying to force private American companies to conform.

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Biden Screws Up So Bad The White House Has to Doctor the Official Transcript to Cover for Him

Even in doing something helpful for the American people, Biden couldn’t help but insert his own flawed pitch for green energy.

 By Grant Atkinson  April 2, 2022

‘Runaway Rabbit’: Woman on a Mission to Return Lost Stuffed Bunny to Owner

The stuffed bunny, once cleaned, actually was lavender rather than the dingy gray-pink it once appeared to be.

 By Amanda Thomason  April 2, 2022

Op-Ed: Don’t Let Biden Distract You – The 16th Amendment Is a Disaster That You’re Paying for Every Day

It is long past time for all Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money and for Washington to make drastic cuts to government spending.

 By Mitch Behna  April 1, 2022

Man Personally Takes 100 Pounds of Handcrafted Cards from US Students to Refugee Children in Poland

Utah students responded with an overwhelming amount of letters, some even going the extra mile and writing them in Ukrainian.

 By Amanda Thomason  April 1, 2022

‘WJ Live’: Larry Fink Corporation Pushing Woke Climate Agenda Gets Hit by Patriot Campaign

Tune in to understand the severe situation American corporations are facing thanks to the never-ending climate change alarmism.

 By Isreal Duarte  April 1, 2022

Watch: Mainstream Media Hit-Piece Journalist Breaks Down in Tears Over ‘Online Harassment’

Washington Post hit-piece journalist Taylor Lorenz broke down in tears in an MSNBC segment, claiming she’s a victim of online harassment.

 By Richard Moorhead  April 1, 2022

Small-Town Baker Makes Big Impact with ‘Peace Bread’ Fundraiser for Ukrainian Refugees

Matteo Cunsolo’s bakery puts out 44 pounds of the specialty bread every day – but he and his friends have gone beyond that.

 By Amanda Thomason  April 1, 2022

‘A Matter of Life and Death’: Man Donates Kidney to Ailing Single Dad, the Two Become Fast Friends

When the dads first called to chat, they started as strangers, but ended up talking for hours and found that they had a lot of similarities.

 By Amanda Thomason  April 1, 2022

DeSantis Plays His Trump Card: Special Privileges Soon Could Be Ripped from Woke Disney

‘If Disney wants to embrace woke ideology, it seems fitting that they should be regulated by Orange County,’ one legislator said.

 By Elizabeth Stauffer  April 1, 2022


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