By Rachel Bratton  October 8, 2021 at 1:55pm

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Joe Biden is failing Americans so badly that even the establishment media can’t cover for him.

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Rachel Bratton is a Junior Associate Video Producer at the Western Journal. She is currently earning her degree in Communications and Christian Studies at Grand Canyon University.

Rachel Bratton is an Editorial Intern at the Western Journal. She is currently earning her degree at Grand Canyon University, where she has contributed to research on civil discourse.

Video: Local Resident Welcomes Biden to Michigan with Brutal Backyard Message POTUS Can Read from Marine One

It looked as though President Joe Biden flew right over the massive message that is becoming increasingly popular among heartland Americans.

 By Isa Cox  October 8, 2021

US Rep Enters AZ Audit Fight with Maricopa County, Demands Truth on Mysteriously Archived Files

GOP Rep. Andy Biggs pushed Maricopa County officials for answers as to why files were deleted from election servers.

 By Randy DeSoto  October 8, 2021

Hunter Biden’s Macaroni Art Career Off to a Booming Start, President’s Son Reportedly Rakes in $375K from Reproductions Alone

Preying on pompous fools who are easily parted from their fat stacks of cash is one thing, but selling out your country is quite another.

 By Christine Favocci  October 8, 2021

Medical Miracle: Man Survives 9-Story Plunge to Certain Death

The unnamed 31-year-old victim was quickly tended to by first responders and rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

 By Amanda Thomason  October 8, 2021

‘Went to Put Some Bullets in Him’: Postal Worker Killed in Shocking Attack Over Poison Claim

A neighbor told reporters that when she moved in years ago, she heard rumors that the two men weren’t friendly with each other.

 By Amanda Thomason  October 8, 2021

Biden Loses Touch with Reality, Celebrates Horrific Jobs Report: ‘Progress’

If you listened to President Joe Biden, you would have thought the abysmal September jobs report was a great win for the country.

 By Grant Atkinson  October 8, 2021

Defense Analyst Sounds the Alarm Over China Deployment: ‘It Looks Like a Strike Package’

‘I think China is trying to remind the U.S. and Taiwan that this is not then, that they have options. They can do what they want.’

 By Mike Landry  October 8, 2021

‘WJ Live’: Biden’s Horrendously Bad Jobs Report Leaves White House in Tailspin

A CNBC host was shocked to read just how bad the jobs report is yet again under Biden, calling the numbers ‘real low.’

 By Rachel Bratton  October 8, 2021

Forbes Removes Trump from 400 Richest Americans List, Adds Moderna Execs Who Made Billions Off Vaccine

For the first time in 25 years, Trump is off the Forbes 400 list, while three Moderna executives have joined the elite club.

 By Kipp Jones  October 8, 2021

Johns Hopkins Doc Says Natural Immunity 27 Times More Effective Than Vaccine

Maybe it’s time for the Biden administration to set aside all of the politics and actually look at the science.

 By Elizabeth Stauffer  October 8, 2021


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