By Isreal Duarte  February 11, 2022 at 3:43pm

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Biden falls apart in this disastrous interview.

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Republicans Introduce Brutal ‘HUNTER’ Act After Biden Moves for Taxpayer-Funded Crack Pipes

Republicans are not going to let the Biden administration distribute crack pipes to drug addicts without a fight.

 By Jack Davis  February 11, 2022

COVID Vax Nightmare? EU Announces Investigation Into Menstrual Disorders Following COVID Vaccine

The problem won’t go away. Women report menstrual problems after vaccination. Researchers downplay it. Now EU agency looking in to it.

 By Mike Landry  February 11, 2022

Unbelievable Photos: Man Ripped from Home During Landslide Calls Rescue ‘Miracle’

One of the survivors was Alvaro Alzate, who is 62. His brother woke him up early, and Alzate said that’s the only reason he’s still here.

 By Amanda Thomason  February 11, 2022

’60 Minutes’ Journalist Tries Gotcha Interview on Kari Lake and It Completely Blows Up in His Face

‘I worked in the news for 30 years, I get how it works. It’s, it’s hit rock bottom and it keeps going lower.’

 By Richard Bledsoe  February 11, 2022

Camera Catches Moment Officer Rescues Puppy from Burning Car: Video

The desperate owner tried valiantly to rescue his dog but was unable to lift him through the broken window.

 By Amanda Thomason  February 11, 2022

Neighborhood Shocked After Mystery ‘Garbage Man’ Actions Discovered

A curious occurrence puzzled them: Somehow, after their trash bins were emptied, they’d end up back at the side of the house as if by magic.

 By Amanda Thomason  February 11, 2022

‘WJ Live’: Biden Confuses 3 Different Countries in Major Gaffe That Aired Nationwide

President Joe Biden suffered another brutal gaffe as he tried to address the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

 By Isreal Duarte  February 11, 2022

Mother Suffers From Rash After Becoming Pregnant: ‘It Was Like I Was Allergic To My Own Baby’

Fiona’s skin was so blistered and painful that she couldn’t even fully enjoy bonding with her new baby boy.

 By Amanda Thomason  February 11, 2022

‘Have Some Integrity’: Trump-Backed Challenger Demolishes Cheney After Husband’s CCP Connections Surface

Harriet Hageman, endorsed by former President Donald Trump in the GOP primary, had strong words for her rival.

 By Warner Todd Huston  February 11, 2022

‘No One Told Me!’ Watch Biden Utterly Fall Apart as NBC Anchor Asks Just a Single Question on Afghanistan

When asked about Afghanistan, Biden tried to shift blame away from himself, even though military commanders are blaming the administration.

 By Abby Liebing  February 11, 2022


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