By Aaron David  August 5, 2022 at 7:09am

A grandma who was out delivering DoorDash on July 28 nearly sank to her death when her SUV was caught by Arizona floods during a monsoon.

Sue Teders of Apache Junction said her car was slammed by flood waters into a guardrail after being stuck in the overwhelming amount of mud, according to the Arizona Family.

Bone-chilling police cam footage shows that officers came rushing to the half-sunken vehicle. An officer then exclaimed, “Ma’am, it’s going to go under [water]! Get your a** out here!”

The Apache Junction Police Dept. responded to 24 calls related to flooding on Thursday. This motorist was rescued thanks to the help of two officers, one detention officer & a Mesa firefighter.

This is an important reminder to NEVER drive through flooded roads. #azwx #Monsoon

— WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) July 30, 2022

“Come here! Hurry, hurry, get up,” the officer yelled as he broke the windows of the car.

The officer and Teders then grabbed each other’s hand, but then he realized that she was not the only living creature in the vehicle.

“Can you get my dog?” Teders desperately shouted.

Teders had taken her 11-week-old puppy, Claire, with her while driving for DoorDash.

“It doesn’t matter,” the officer shouted. “Come on, Ma’am! Ma’am! Get up! Get up!”

The officer then dragged Teders out of the almost completely submerged vehicle.

During the process, Teders repeatedly shouted in agony, “Get my dog! Get my dog!”

Once Teders was rescued out of the vehicle, the officer got on his hands and knees and began whistling for the puppy.

However, he could not find the puppy in the car, so he was not able to save her.

Teders has openly expressed her heartbreak over losing her former companion.

“I decided, hey, I need to be happy, my turn — I’m going to go get a dog,” Teders said, according to AZ Family. “And so that’s what she was to me, that’s why it broke my heart.”

“It was my turn to be her support, to get her out. And I couldn’t. So the guilt of that, first of all for taking her with me, which I very seldomly did, taking her with me and having that happen, I was telling my granddaughter, how do you get over that?”

Neighbors have been searching for the dog since the rescue last week; however, they have had no luck in finding her, according to the Daily Mail.

But despite the overwhelming amount of grief Teders is facing, she is still thankful for being rescued by the Apache Junction Police Department and other responders.

“They were there as quickly as they could go and I know they had other rescues to deal with,” Teders said. “Without them, where would I have been? So thank you.”

Aaron David is an Editorial Intern for The Western Journal. He specializes in broad forms of journalism including writing, video and commentary.


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