By A.F. Branco  August 4, 2022 at 7:06am

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AF Branco is an editorial cartoonist.

Can You Spot It? Perfectly Camouflaged Predator Makes Lightning-Quick Strike, Victim Never Saw It Coming

A video that got millions of views on Twitter illustrates the beauty, perfection and precision of God’s creation in a few seconds.

 By Ole Braatelien  August 4, 2022

Bezos Slinks Away After Fed-Up Locals Announce Creative Revenge for Plan to Clear the River for His Mega-Yacht

Residents were outraged after it was announced that a beloved local bridge would be dismantled to make way for Bezos’ 417-foot yacht.

 By Michael Austin  August 4, 2022

Desolate Midterm Outlook Has Dems Already Meddling with 2024 Presidential Election

A group of bipartisan senators has joined forces to eliminate the vice president from having the power to overturn elections.

 By Jack Gist  August 4, 2022

Chinese Missile Salvo Impacts in Japanese Waters; American Amphibious Assault Force Underway Toward South China Sea

Japan protested the barrage, saying it posed “serious threats to Japan’s national security and the safety of the Japanese people.”

 By Andrew Jose  August 4, 2022

Fear-Ridden Blue-State Residents Resort to Gun Purchases in Shocking Record Numbers for Two Years Straight

‘They feel like they’ve been spurred to do it based on what they see, or their own personal feelings about the world.’

 By Matthew Holloway  August 4, 2022

DeSantis Calls for Harsh Repercussions for Doctors Performing Life-Altering Surgeries on Children

Ron DeSantis strongly condemned doctors who perform gender altering surgeries on children and suggest they should be sued.

 By Abby Liebing  August 4, 2022

Watch: Paraglider Cheats Death with 1 Second to Spare – ‘This Was Not the Day to Die!’

A paraglider shared his brush with death in dizzying footage posted on his YouTube channel and other social media sites.

 By Jack Davis  August 4, 2022

Elon Musk Triggers Wikipedia Founder with 5-Word Tweet Amid Recession Definition Feud

Shortly after President Joe Biden’s administration tried to redefine what a ‘recession’ is, so did Wikipedia – and Musk wasn’t having it.

 By C. Douglas Golden  August 4, 2022

Sen. John Kennedy Offers Washington Elite ‘Bed Wetters’ Free Advice in Latest Video

Given the left’s attempts to suppress free speech in recent years, there are undoubtedly many conservatives who share the same sentiment.

 By Grant Atkinson  August 4, 2022

Two Congressional Democrats Turn on Biden, Call for Replacement in 2024 Election

The whispering has been going on for awhile. Now, two Minnesota members of Congress are saying it out loud.

 By Mike Landry  August 4, 2022


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