Rep. Adam Kinzinger speaks during a hearing on the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., July 27, 2021. (Oliver Contreras/Reuters)

Representative Adam Kinzinger, one of two Republicans currently serving on the January 6 select committee investigating the Capitol riot, shared Friday that he does not intend to seek reelection for his 16th District House seat in Illinois.

Kinzinger has established himself as perhaps the most vocal critic of former President Trump in the Republican caucus.

“I also remember during that campaign saying that if I ever thought it was time to move on from Congress, I would, and that time is now,” Kinzinger said in his announcement video.

Ahead of the 2022 midterms, the Illinois congressman had already faced a primary challenge from GOP candidate Catalina Lauf, who pledged to run on the America First platform spearheaded by Trump.

In explaining his departure, Kinzinger suggested that he has grown increasingly disillusioned with the level of money, corruption and partisan vitriol that has seeped into the political system.

“At this moment, that government is the problem and few have risen to do anything about it. Because in this day, to prevail or survive, you must belong to a tribe. Our political parties only survive by appealing to the most motivated and most extreme elements within. And the price pricetag to power has skyrocketed,” Kinzinger lamented.

“After all, if a man is convinced that his very survival is at stake, he’ll part with anything, including money, to ensure he does survive. Dehumanizing each other has become the norm. We’ve taken it from social media to the streets,” he added.

Before concluding, he applauded the several Republican congressmen who voted to impeach former President Trump following the January 6 riot, when a mob of angry trump supporters stormed the Capitol premises to disrupt the certification of the electoral votes for Joe Biden.

“I stand in awe at the courage of the other nine members in the House who voted to impeach a President of their own party knowing it could be detrimental to their political career,” he said.

Kinzinger’s decision indicates that the GOP’s trajectory may be changing, or rather, that new competitive candidates such as Lauf and others are hardening around the Trump legacy, leaving little room for internal dissenters.

Numerous states, including Kinzinger’s Illinois, are finalizing or proposing their redrawn congressional maps ahead of the 2022 midterms. On Thursday, the Illinois legislature advanced a proposed congressional map that created 13 Democratic seats, three Republican seats, and one swing seat in a process that effectively eliminated Kinzinger’s district.

Illinois Democrats met with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Tuesday to discuss redistricting before the proposal was introduced, Chicago Sun Times reported.

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