President Joe Biden boards Air Force One for travel to Georgia from Joint Base Andrews, Md., January 11, 2022. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Whatever he says, Biden is endorsing the wholesale abolition of the filibuster, for all legislation, in all circumstances, and under majorities held by either party.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE S peaking in Georgia today, President Biden will formally abandon his long-standing support for the legislative filibuster and endorse a “carve out” for the “voting rights” agenda that he and his party have quixotically elected to pursue. “Mr. Biden,” the New York Times confirms, “will not go so far as to call for full-scale elimination of the filibuster, a Senate tradition that allows the minority party to kill legislation that fails to garner 60 votes.” Instead, he “will endorse changing the Senate rules” to allow only for what he wishes to achieve in the next month. Americans who tune in to the


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