By A.F. Branco  November 1, 2021 at 8:22am

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AF Branco is an editorial cartoonist.

Vaccine Mandate Opponents Are Using an Obscure Procedure to Fight the Biden Administration

As Biden tries to push through the vaccine mandate for businesses, individuals are lobbying in attempts to slow the process down.

 By Abby Liebing  November 1, 2021

Dog Trampled to Death in ‘Freak Occurrence’ after Hiking Encounter with Moose

When the dog noticed them, he didn’t bark, he didn’t go after the moose, he simply tried to get back to his family, with devastating results.

 By Amanda Thomason  November 1, 2021

$470 Billion Unaccounted For: Biden Spending Bill Doesn’t Add Up as New Study Reveals Alarming Numbers

The Democrats’ solution is always ‘Tax the rich!’ but they can’t figure out how to tax them enough to pay for their extravagent spending plan.

 By Isa Cox  November 1, 2021

Watch: Joe Biden Awkwardly Tells Pope to ‘Buy the Drinks’ During Next Visit After Giving Him Bizarre Gift

The moment came while the world’s two most powerful Catholics met in Vatican City on Friday as Biden was in Rome for the G-20 summit.

 By C. Douglas Golden  November 1, 2021

The New Racism: Dem COVID Restrictions Bar Black, Hispanic HS Athletes from Receiving College Scholarships

Americans around the country are fighting to shine a light on the difficulties student-athletes are facing due to COVID-19 restrictions.

 By Grant Atkinson  November 1, 2021

Biden Throws US Under the Bus to Appease World Leaders with Public Apology at Climate Conference

The apology occurred as Biden addressed global leaders during the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

 By Dillon Burroughs  November 1, 2021

NYC Vaccine Mandate Puts Stunning Number of Employees Out of Work, Closes 18 Fire Companies

De Blasio announced the news during a livestream event on Monday morning, sharing the news of 9,000 city workers on unpaid leave.

 By Dillon Burroughs  November 1, 2021

Video: Heartland American Does the Impossible, Identifies Someone Who’s ‘Happy’ That Biden is POTUS

It’s not like he was happy for a good reason, however; it’s because he now isn’t the worst president in U.S. history.

 By C. Douglas Golden  November 1, 2021

New Investigation Debunks Pathetic McAuliffe Lie That ‘CRT is Not Taught in VA Schools’

Virginia Department of Education recommends ‘We Want to Do More Than Survive,’ a book by Bettina L. Love, which explicitly pushes CRT.

 By Jack Gist  November 1, 2021

Foreign News Laughs at Biden: He ‘Needs a Retirement Home and a Warm Bowl of Soup’

In order to see the decline of America’s world image in real time, you just need to turn on a foreign news channel.

 By Grant Atkinson  November 1, 2021


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