Jezebel’s deeds of oppression and of breaking God’s law make her far from unique in the Bible. The point is to condemn unjust tyrants — of both sexes.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE C ancel culture has come for the Bible. In a recent article in Time magazine, Shelley Puhak accuses the text of creating “a Blueprint for Vilifying Powerful Women Leaders.” The Bible does so, she argues, through the story of Queen Jezebel (wife to King Ahab, who ruled over Israel in the 9th century b.c.). Jezebel plots and executes the murder of a man in order to take his vineyard, supports pagan worship contrary to God’s law, and routinely persecutes the prophet Elijah.

Puhak gives a more positive spin on Jezebel, noting that some of those who wish to demean or sideline women rulers


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