James Talarico in 2019. (via YouTube)

They’re learning the hard way that charisma and recycled MSNBC talking points are not enough to woo red-state voters.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE J ames Talarico speaks like he’s rehearsing in front of the mirror. In the spaces between his sentences — always delivered just-so, with an air of practiced paternal gravitas — the young Texas Democrat scans the crowd, just to make sure they’re hanging on his every word, swooning under the sheer weight of his intellect. Talarico’s is a revolutionary message: People over politics. Love over hate. Unity over division. Forward — not backward. “We’re bigger than partisanship. We’re bigger than ignorance. We’re bigger than intolerance,” he solemnly informs the audience. “Texas is bigger than all of those things, because it’s not


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