A grinning, maskless Abrams enters the Hypocrisy Hall of Fame in an instantly notorious picture — but the ramifications are even worse than that.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE U sually when social-media scamps accuse one another of an “epic fail,” they’re referring to some minor infraction, some small blind spot or light mangling of facts. This was not the case with Stacey Abrams’s historic blunder at Glennwood Elementary in Decatur, Ga. Such was the epic scope of Abrams’s miscalculation that it’s in Ben-Hur/The Ten Commandments territory. When it comes to political debacle, Abrams is the new Charlton Heston.

What a photo! Abrams, the only person at serious risk in the room, is the only one not wearing a mask. Surrounding her are kids who are at more risk of dying


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