Shoppers roam the aisles at a Safeway store in Wheaton, Md., in 2015. (Gary Cameron/Reuters)

As an example of a post-liberal policy, enshrining the Christian Sabbath in law points to problems in the attempt to restore traditions rather than conserve them.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE P ost-liberals, led by law professor Adrian Vermeule and writer Sohrab Ahmari, have begun to offer concrete policy proposals that would instantiate their agenda for the common good as they see it. Vermeule, in a tweet, and Ahmari, in the American Conservative, advocate a return to “blue laws,” which mandate that businesses close on Sundays in honor of the Christian Sabbath. The exact contours of these laws are underdeveloped — federal, state, or local? which businesses? — but will surely come into greater focus as post-liberal thinkers cultivate this seed into a fully flowered policy item. But for now, the Sabbatarian


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