By A.F. Branco  January 20, 2022 at 12:47pm

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AF Branco is an editorial cartoonist.

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Kamala Harris Snaps at Savannah Guthrie in Contentious ‘Today’ Interview: ‘Please Let Me Finish!’

Vice President Kamala Harris’ interactions with host Savannah Guthrie became heated on multiple occasions during the interview.

 By Grant Atkinson  January 20, 2022

Psaki Forced to Do Damage Control After Biden ‘Gives the Green Light to Putin’

The problem is that Psaki is only a mouthpiece for the White House. Biden is supposed to be in charge, and the world knows it.

 By Joe Saunders  January 20, 2022

Slow-Mo Joe

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 By A.F. Branco  January 20, 2022

IRS Will Soon Require Biometric Data from Taxpayers

The IRS will soon require Americans to submit a video for facial recognition purposes to access their accounts.

 By Jared Harris  January 20, 2022

Tide Turns Against Vaccine Mandates as Massive Unexpected Company Drops All Requirements

The tide is turning on vaccine mandates, and one of the biggest and most unexpected names yet has dropped its own requirements for employees.

 By Jared Harris  January 20, 2022

‘Let the 25th Amendment Discussions Begin’: Biden’s News Conference a Total Failure as Reactions Roll In

‘I am demanding he have a cognitive test NOW. There’s too much on the line, we need to know!’ a congressman tweeted during the news conference.

 By Samantha Chang  January 20, 2022

Preachers Imprisoned? New God-Defying Law to Potentially Ban Select Sermons

One pastor who has been jailed by the government called the new law ‘an effort to further dismantle Western civilization as we know it.’

 By C. Douglas Golden  January 20, 2022

FBI Conducts Mysterious ‘Court-Authorized’ Raid of Democratic Congressman’s Home

A Texas Democrat representative just had his home and campaign office raided by the FBI, but no one is quite sure why.

 By Abby Liebing  January 20, 2022

GOP Senator Turns the Tables on Fauci, Releases Hilarious ‘Moron’ T-Shirt That Doc Will Hate

‘Fauci called Sen. Marshall a ‘MORON’ when he caught him flat-footed. Send Fauci a message by getting your own ‘MORON’ t-shirt!’

 By C. Douglas Golden  January 20, 2022

Conservative Commentator Stumps Transgender Activists on ‘Dr. Phil’ with ‘What Is a Woman?’ Question

‘This is one of the problems with this left-wing gender ideology is that no one who espouses it can even tell you what these words mean.’

 By Jack Davis  January 20, 2022


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