By A.F. Branco  November 10, 2021 at 9:23am

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AF Branco is an editorial cartoonist.

Watch: Rittenhouse Judge Comes Unglued on Prosecution After They Make Multiple Trial Transgressions

The prosecution in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial spent part of the day being scolded by the fed-up judge in the case.

 By Jack Davis  November 10, 2021

Rittenhouse Judge Blasts Prosecution, Says They Made ‘Grave Constitutional Violation’

Schroeder shared the words during Wednesday’s Wisconsin hearing during which Rittenhouse personally testified regarding his self-defense.

 By Dillon Burroughs  November 10, 2021

Obama’s WH Doc: Biden Has ‘Age-Related Cognitive Decline,’ Is Not ‘Mentally Fit’ to Serve as POTUS

Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas once again shared his belief that President Joe Biden is not fit to serve as commander in chief.

 By Kipp Jones  November 10, 2021

Inflation Explodes Under Biden, Newly Passed Infrastructure Bill About to Make Things a Lot Worse

Inflation rose a jaw-dropping 6.2 percent in the 12 months that ended in October. That’s the biggest monthly increase in 30 years.

 By Cameron Arcand  November 10, 2021

Half of American Small Businesses Say Biden’s Seized-Up Supply Chain Is a ‘Significant’ Problem

Small businesses are facing a punishing business environment amid the supply chain problems that dominate Joe Biden’s America.

 By Jack Davis  November 10, 2021

Watch: Rittenhouse Breaks Down on Stand, Sobs as He Describes Shooting

The teen broke down into tears while testifying about his role in the deaths of two men in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year.

 By Kipp Jones  November 10, 2021

Biden’s America: Inflation Skyrockets to Highest Level in 30 Years with 6.2% Surge in Consumer Prices

The consumer price index experiences its biggest increase in more than three decades as federal spending continues to barrel out of control.

 By Michael Austin  November 10, 2021

Rittenhouse Takes Stand, Reveals What Was Said to Him Moments Before Pulling Trigger

Rittenhouse passed on his opportunity to plead the Fifth Amendment, choosing instead to directly answer questions from attorneys.

 By Dillon Burroughs  November 10, 2021


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 By A.F. Branco  November 10, 2021

Democrat Sen Admits Inflation Is Getting Worse, Says DC Can ‘No Longer Ignore the Economic Pain’

Manchin’s statement came as the Department of Labor announced US consumer prices rose more than 6 percent in October.

 By Dillon Burroughs  November 10, 2021


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