By Amanda Thomason  February 2, 2022 at 3:59pm

Cohen Stahl of Somerset County, Pennsylvania, has made a name for himself for being a good Samaritan in his community.

While plenty of teenagers are busy with their social lives, school and sports, 14-year-old Cohen is known for spending his time clearing snow from around fire hydrants, mailboxes and driveways.

“This young man has been out shoveling fire hydrants in the area,” the Conemaugh Township VFD Station 610 posted on Facebook to recognize his work last month. “A huge shout out to Cohen Stahl! Your efforts are very much appreciated!”

Using his ATV to get around and plow the majority of the heavy snow, Cohen is a common sight along roadways as he does his good work.

That is, until Saturday, when, as he was preparing to clear snow from around some mailboxes, his ATV caught fire and was destroyed.

“How’s your Saturday going?” Nicole Rosko Stahl, the teen’s mom, posted on Facebook. “Cohens? Not so good.

“Poor kid, out trying to dig out mailboxes and this happens. He’s fine. Thank you to Conemaugh Township fire dept and Scalp Level fire dept for responding! Also a special thank you to Susan Stahl and Bud for coming to haul it back home and to Ben Stahl and Brandon Stahl for helping as well!!”

The loss of the ATV wasn’t just a personal frustration. It would keep Cohen from being able to get around and shovel snow.

“It just shut off and starts smoking,” he told WJAC-TV in Johnstown. “I just saw flames and I started throwing snow on, and … it didn’t work.”

But the community he’d served so selflessly saw his predicament, and they pulled together to get the good Samaritan a new set of wheels.

“Hi my name is Jason Keller I’m setting this go fund me up on behalf of Cernic cycle world in Johnstown Pennsylvania to benefit a local kid by the name of Cohen stahl,” the GoFundMe Keller set up read.

“Cohen was recently out helping the local community by shoveling out all the fire hydrants in his neighborhood with the recent snow storms we have had. Unfortunately during that time his Polaris ATV caught fire and burned to the ground.

“Let’s all pull together as a community and help this nice young man get a new used ATV so he can continue helping the community and being an outstanding young man like he already has Showed us. I will be helping him get the atv at a discounted price.”

Within three days, people had donated more than $10,000, and Cohen had proof that people care about him and his work.

“I’m helping them, and they just helped me back,” he said. “Which I think feels great. …

“I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing: plowing mailboxes and driveways and fire hydrants.”

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