By A.F. Branco  October 25, 2021 at 7:53am

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AF Branco is an editorial cartoonist.

Nurse Ratchet

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 By A.F. Branco  October 25, 2021

Texas GOP Rep Blasts Biden Admin, Says Border Is ‘Catastrophe’

‘We’ve just added the entire state of West Virginia into the country,’ Texas Republican Rep. Pat Fallon said.

 By Dillon Burroughs  October 25, 2021

Cancel Culture Comes for NFL Announcer Tony Romo After On-Air Joke About Tom Brady’s Wife

CBS analyst Tony Romo created a stir on Sunday with a joke about Tom Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

 By Jack Davis  October 25, 2021

Woke Education Group Backpedals After Calling Concerned Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists’

‘We are going to do better going forward,’ the group promised, ordering ‘a formal review of our processes and procedures.’

 By C. Douglas Golden  October 25, 2021

Officer Hears Something from the Basement of Day Care, What Was Found Behind a False Wall Lands Operator in Prison

The day care operator was sentenced to six years behind bars after what police found when they came to her facility.

 By Jack Davis  October 25, 2021

Full Court Mess: Fed Up Protesters Storm NBA Game to Condemn Biden’s Hated Vaccine Mandate

During the Nets’ home opener on Sunday, a crowd of protesters gathered outside to support Kyrie Irving and the fight for medical freedom.

 By Grant Atkinson  October 24, 2021

‘Friends’ Star Dead After Cancer Diagnosis Catches Fans Off-Guard

One of the stars of the NBC sitcom ‘Friends’ has died at age 59 after shocking fans with his announcement that he had prostate cancer.

 By Jack Davis  October 24, 2021

‘I Don’t Back Down’: Banned ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Rapper Speaks Out

YouTube banned Bryson Gray’s song criticizing Biden, but that has only fueled more listeners to download it.

 By Grant Atkinson  October 24, 2021

State Plans for Government-Sanctioned ‘Injection Sites,’ Would Evaluate Quality of Hard Drugs and Allow Users to Shoot Up

Rhode Island is moving forward on its plan to ensure the users of illegal drugs have safe spaces to use their drugs.

 By Jack Davis  October 24, 2021

Floating Time Bomb? Cargo Ship Leaking Flammable, Toxic Gas Catches Fire Off Washington Coast

A ship on fire, toxic chemicals and a major storm are all coming together off the coast of Washington state.

 By Jack Davis  October 24, 2021


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