By Kipp Jones  October 30, 2021 at 8:24am

Far-left protesters who were upset at Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona over her opposition to provisions of President Joe Biden’s spending bill disrupted a recent wedding and sent the mother of the bride into tears.

The Associated Press reported that Sinema officiated a wedding in Phoenix last weekend. But what should have been a day to remember became a nightmare that those who exchanged vows  probably would rather forget.

Protesters outside of the wedding venue were so loud that the bride’s mother came out to plead with them to quiet down. Video of the incident has gone viral on social media:

WARNING: The following video contains language that some viewers might find offensive.

Liberal protestors ruined a wedding in Arizona this weekend where Kirsten Sinema was the officiant.

Here the tearful mother of the bride comes out to plead with the protestors, stating they barely even know Sinema.

She is rebuked for being a millionaire.

This is the Left:

— Amy Tarkanian (@MrsT106) October 29, 2021

“Could you just go down to the corner for an hour?” said a woman in tears. “It’s my daughter’s wedding.”

“Just let her get married, please. (Sen. Sinema) is not my daughter. My daughter is getting married. … I don’t disagree … with your rights. It’s my daughter’s wedding.”

“You tell her we don’t like what she’s doing to our country!” shouted a woman wearing a face mask.

Will Democrats pass a bill that will please the far left?

The demonstrators were not receptive to the mother’s request about not disrupting the day.

“Shame, shame shame!” some shouted, while one person told the woman in tears to “throw her out” with regard to Sinema.

Another man told the mother, “We’ll leave if (Sinema) leaves.”

The wedding crashing is just the latest instance of Sinema being harassed publicly over her refusal to fold to her party’s far left wing. Democrats had hoped for a $3.5 trillion spending package. The package focuses heavily on social services and climate change.

Earlier this month, demonstrators followed Sinema into a restroom at Arizona State University to scream at her.

Protesters followed Sen. Sinema into the bathroom at Arizona State University to confront her on Build Back Better and immigration

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 3, 2021

After that incident, Sinema later was hectored on an airplane:

WATCH: Protester, who said she is an immigrant, filmed Senator Sinema on a flight

Meanwhile, Biden defends protesters who harassed Kyrsten Sinema earlier in the bathroom by saying ‘It happens to everyone’

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) October 5, 2021

So far, the senator has not caved to pressure from demonstrators and others. Both Sinema and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia are holdouts to pushing through Biden’s agenda. Democrats have scaled back expectations to spend the $3.5 trillion and now are pushing a $1.75 trillion spending bill, NBC News reported.

Despite reducing the cost of Biden’s Build Back Better bill, Democrats are at an impasse with regard to advancing it to the president’s desk.

Johnathan “Kipp” Jones has worked as a reporter, an editor and a producer in radio, television and digital media. He is a proud husband and father.

Johnathan “Kipp” Jones has worked as an editor and producer in radio and television. He is a proud husband and father.


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