William F. Buckley Jr. (National Review)

With your support, we will continue to do our part, unrelentingly.

We’re just hours away from 2022 — but before ringing in the New Year, please consider making a year-end, tax-deductible contribution to National Review Institute!

Thanks to the support of thousands of dedicated Americans across the country, NRI has had another successful year — amplifying conservative voices through educational and outreach programs and preserving and promoting the legacy of our iconic founder, William F. Buckley Jr.

At National Review Institute, we believe in the power of ideas. History has shown that ideas are powerful — good ideas, if understood and embraced, have the power to unite, liberate, and help people flourish. Conversely, bad ideas can divide, enslave, and immiserate.

Over the past twelve months, our country has seen the consequences of bad ideas — from defund-the-police efforts that continue to wreak havoc on our cities, to radical identity politics that now permeate our schools and major institutions.

Our mission at NRI is to combat these poor ideas — powerfully, but gracefully. We believe in fighting back with our own influential programs and initiatives that work to change the narrative and provide an alternative, positive vision for our nation. Through our Burke to Buckley fellowship, we engage and equip leaders in a variety of fields with the foundational ideas of conservatism. Through our WFB Communicators Program, launched earlier this year, we teach an impressive cohort of students the value of civility, persuasion, and respect. And through NRI’s journalism fund, we support thoughtful, long-form articles in National Review magazine that bring new ideas and perspectives on critical issues to the fore.

Importantly, we present our alternative vision for our nation with civility, persuasion, and respect — the Buckley way. We know where we stand and therefore aren’t afraid to engage with the other side. Indeed, we believe in the value of debate and discussion. With confidence in our arguments, we can reason our way to truth — and even learn something along the way.

This was the legacy of William F. Buckley Jr. — a man so committed to his beliefs, but so liked and respected by all. Our work is animated by this legacy of civility, and we are stronger for it.

If you haven’t already, join us as we continue this important work.

Please donate via this secure link before midnight tonight and help set NRI up for success as we head into the New Year.

With your support, we will continue to do our part, unrelentingly. We will continue to speak truth; to offer a positive alternative and vision for our great nation.

Thank you for all that you do for our cause.


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