An older Labrador retriever is seen getting a treat in the stock image above.

An older Labrador retriever is seen getting a treat in the stock image above. (Kurdyukova Olga / Shutterstock)

 By Amanda Thomason  October 1, 2021 at 3:15pm

There comes a point in most pet owners’ lives when they must decide how to approach the inevitable and impending loss of their beloved animal companions.

Some create bucket lists. Some travel once more to that favorite spot and share one last adventure with their four-legged friend.

Many make sure that their pet’s last day is as good as it can be, and they fill it with love, comfort and their pet’s favorite foods.

Smiths Station Animal Hospital has recently risen to internet fame after a simple, heartfelt share of one of the special treats its employees incorporate into euthanasia appointments, and it has brought many to tears.

It began when Casey Hinkley, a veterinary technician at the clinic based in Alabama, spotted a lovely idea online of a treat jar for dogs about to cross the rainbow bridge, Fox News reported.

With the design help of Tracy Gee and the heartbreaking phrase Dr. Nicole Namie came up with, the treat jar was complete: A dog-themed “cookie jar” holding chocolate Kisses for final appointments, labeled “Goodbye Kisses.”

The animal hospital posted a photo of the jar on Facebook with a simple description, and it quickly went viral.

“This jar is reserved for our euthanasia appointments…because no dog should go to Heaven without tasting chocolate,” the caption read.

Since being shared on Sept. 20, the post has been reacted to over 68,000 times and shared over 126,000 times. Over 13,000 people have commented — many sharing stories of their own pets’ final meals.

Just three days later, the animal hospital posted its surprise at how far the jar idea had reached.

“Wow!” the hospital wrote. “We did not expect a post to become so viral! Thank you everyone so much for your support and love. We love our patients so much and this just made our day.”

People have sent packages of candy to the hospital so they can keep their jar stocked, and hospital manager Jennifer Williams told Fox that other vet hospitals have decided to pick up on the trend after seeing their post.

“It was just so sweet that this one little jar filled with Hershey’s Kisses brought people together from all over the world,” Williams said.

“They are complete strangers … but we have that one commonality — that people really do love their pets, and they understand what it’s like to lose a family member.”

On Facebook, the hospital once again extended condolences to the bereaved and created video slideshows out of the many photos commenters shared of their late pets.

“We have read all your stories, we have cried, and we have been overwhelmed by the sweet responses from people all around the world,” the hospital wrote.

“We love you all. Our thoughts and prayers go out to each of you who have lost a furry family member. We wanted to share the pictures you have all shared. There are 3 separate videos. Thank you again for being so kind and sharing these with us.”

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