By A.F. Branco  November 9, 2021 at 9:45am

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AF Branco is an editorial cartoonist.

Friendly Fire

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 By A.F. Branco  November 9, 2021

Obama Pulls a Biden: Thinks He’s in Ireland During Speech to Climate Change Conference in Scotland

If you thought Barack Obama was the polished member of the Obama-Biden duo, Monday put the lie to that one.

 By C. Douglas Golden  November 9, 2021

‘Insane’: Hawley Blasts Dem Plan to Keep Criminal Illegal Immigrants in Country

The proposed bill would give criminal illegal immigrants the ability to stay in the country rather than be deported.

 By Dillon Burroughs  November 9, 2021

Free Speech Advocates Band Together, Form Dynamic New University to ‘Pursue Truth,’ Battle the Woke Left

Conservatives are founding a new college in Austin, Texas, dedicted to truth and not the liberal party line.

 By Jack Davis  November 9, 2021

VP Harris to NASA: Are You Able to ‘Track Trees’ by Race for ‘Environmental Justice?’

Vice President Harris posed the question during a trip to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland last week.

 By C. Douglas Golden  November 9, 2021

Battle in Boston: Fights Break Out After Antifa Thugs Menace Conservatives Protesting COVID Mandates

On Sunday, a group of antifa protesters disrupted a peacful anti-vaccine march in Boston, causing fights to break out.

 By Jack Davis  November 9, 2021

Unions Issue Warning: Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandate Could Slash Trucker Workforce by 37%

‘The nation is already short 80,000 truck drivers,’ a trade group representing 97 major labor unions said in its letter to Biden.

 By Samantha Chang  November 9, 2021

Just in Time for the Holidays: Biden Admin Mulling a Vaccine Mandate for Domestic Air Travel

A vaccine mandate for domestic air travel is not being ruled out by the Biden White House as the holidays approach.

 By Jack Davis  November 9, 2021

Video: Pastor Tackles Crazed Man Who Threatened His Congregation with a Gun During Sunday Service

A pastor knew that quick action was essential when a man started waving a gun in his church. ‘“One main thing I said, “We had faith.”‘

 By Jack Davis  November 9, 2021

Biden Administration Looks Into Restricting Canadian Oil Imports More as Russia’s Ramps Up to Record Levels

In May, the president announced no sanctions would be imposed to block the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

 By Randy DeSoto  November 9, 2021


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