Abby Broyles, November 3, 2020 (Screenshot via Abby Broyles for Congress/YouTube)

Abby Broyles, a failed 2020 Senate candidate and current Democratic contender for a Republican House seat in Oklahoma, has apologized after being accused of drunkenly harassing pre-teen girls while visiting a friend’s house earlier this month.

Broyles reportedly started acting rudely and erratically when she visited a friend whose daughter was having a slumber party, hurling abuse at the girl’s friends.

One girl burst into tears after Broyles allegedly called her an “acne f—er,” first reported. She allegedly called another girl a “Hispanic f—er” and a third a “judgy f—er.” Broyles also reportedly vomited into a laundry hamper and on a girl’s shoes. Her behavior sent parents into an uproar.

“It was like an attack,” Sarah Matthews, whose daughter was at the sleepover, told KFOR. “Like personal, vicious attacks.”

“I am disgusted by your behavior and find it appalling you couldn’t understand why their parents are angry. Your vile, cruel, and bigoted behavior should not be excused or ‘swept under the rug,’” Matthews tweeted Wednesday.

“Not only did you scare and traumatize these beautiful girls with your words, you ruined a pair of their shoes with your vomit! (Which she saved up to buy with her own money!)” Matthews wrote. “Considering how much you bragged about how ‘rich and successful’ you are to these children, surely you can afford to replace her shoes!”

Broyles initially denied the allegations in a statement to She suggested the tweets were inaccurate and amounted to slander.

“I saw the tweets. I have been out of town on a fundraising trip, and they are awful and offensive and false,” Broyles said Thursday. “I mean, I get trolled on Twitter all the time, but I don’t know these women and I don’t know what is behind this, but it’s just not true.”

When asked if she attended the party at the home, Broyles said, “No.” NonDoc says it obtained a picture of Broyles drinking wine next to two girls and a screenshot of her featured in a TikTok video alongside four girls, three of whom were wearing pajamas. The homeowner confirmed that the incident took place.

“I don’t want to talk about — I mean, this is ridiculous that this is becoming a thing,” Broyles said, according to NonDoc. “This didn’t happen.” She then allegedly threatened to sue NonDoc for publishing what they uncovered and claimed the mothers of the girls manufactured the event.

“I’m running for office. You don’t think this is a political attack? You don’t think this is something they cooked up?” Broyles said.

“I mean, I don’t know,” Broyles said. “I have no idea. This is — I’m just telling you it’s not true, and if I were a journalist I would not be doing a story, because it’s not a story.”

“I find it grotesque. She was 100 percent there, these children were 100 percent abused by her verbally and emotionally,” Matthews continued in her Twitter thread. “The fact that she is trying to hide it or act like it is no big deal is disgusting, particularly for someone in her position who tries to present herself as so pro-woman.”

Matthews’ twelve-year-old daughter said that Broyles said derogatory, discouraging things to her personally, telling her she wasn’t going to be as successful as her when she grew up.

Broyles seemed to acknowledge in a subsequent interview with KFOR-TV that the incident happened but that she “blacked out” and had no memory of her conduct because she mixed sleeping pills with wine, which induced a sort of delirium. She said her friend, the host of the house, gave her the medication when she visited.

“I had an adverse reaction,” Broyles said. “Instead of helping me sleep, I hallucinated. And I don’t remember anything until I woke up or came to, and I was throwing up in a hamper.”

Broyles is hoping to unseat first-term Republican Representative Stephanie Bice, who represents Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District. Odds are already stacked against Broyles to win in what is a reliable Republican stronghold.

Broyles said the bizarre episode is not reflective of who she really is. She said she does not struggle with substance abuse.

“First of all, I want to apologize to the families again. And for people who say I just blacked out and I’m making this up, you don’t know me,” she said. “I never, ever would say something hurtful like those things, and that’s why I know I was not in my right mind.”

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