By Richard Moorhead  March 1, 2022 at 4:47pm

As Ukrainians fight for the sovereignty and freedom of their country against a Russian onslaught, CBS News is closely watching the nation’s legal accommodations for transgenderism.

The establishment media news outlet published a video interview with transgender musical artist Zi Faámelu on Monday, highlighting how Ukraine’s laws aren’t overtly supportive of legal gender transitions.

“Faámelu, who is transgender, said that transphobia is pervasive in the city and neighboring countries, and fears that if she leaves, the tension of the ongoing conflict will make her more susceptible to violence,” said CBS News.

Transgender acceptance in Ukraine is not widespread, and changing legal documents to match gender requires a long process with psychiatric examinations. CBS News spoke with one woman in Kyiv who is now battling a “war within a war” amid Russia’s invasion

— CBS News (@CBSNews) March 1, 2022

Faámelu, who identifies as a woman, explained how he’s subject to the Ukrainian government‘s order barring all men ages 18 through 60 from leaving the country.

As a legal male, Faámelu is barred from leaving Ukraine, even though he personally identifies as a woman.

“This is not a very rainbow-friendly place,” said Faámelu of Ukraine.

“Lives for trans people are very bleak here. If you have a male gender in your passport, they will not let you go abroad. They will not let you through.”

Should transgender people be exempt from Ukraine’s military draft?

Ukraine’s defense minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, has called upon anyone willing to join the country’s territorial defense forces to immediately enlist, according to the New York Times.

Twitter users slammed CBS News for its flawed set of priorities, focusing on trans issues in the midst of an invasion threatening Ukraine’s very existence.

You are a parody news channel at this point. 🤦‍♂️

— Jon Nicosia 🌻 (@NewsPolitics) March 1, 2022

a man pretending to be a woman like CBS pretending to be a news outlet

— Jessica O’Donnell (@heckyessica) March 1, 2022

According to CBS, Ukraine requires individuals seeking so-called gender reassignment surgery to undergo extensive psychiatric evaluation.

Granted, people in Ukraine are suffering regardless of their gender inclinations.

But CBS News’ attempt to introduce American-style gender politics represents no less than cheap partisan politicization of a major war in Europe.

Ukrainian authorities have indicated that Belarusian troops are now participating in the Russian invasion.

Fierce resistance from the Ukranian armed forces has slowed an invasion operation that some thought would end with Russia securing the nation’s capital of Kyiv in mere days.


Richard Moorhead is a conservative journalist, a graduate of Arizona State University, service member, and guitar player.


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