By Amanda Thomason  September 23, 2021 at 7:30am

“Bachelor in Paradise” has made a name for itself as an over-the-top, cheeseball drama showcasing questionable dating practices.

Plenty of people watch it for the human trainwreck that it is and for the rollercoaster of emotional displays it serves up, but recently when producers said a storm was brewing, they didn’t mean trouble of the inter-relational sort: A literal storm was descending upon the beach where the filming was taking place.

This time nature threw the curveball, and producers appeared onscreen as harbingers of change.

During the most recent episode that aired Tuesday, the cast was told they would be leaving the beach and they didn’t know if they’d be returning.

“I know you guys are all expecting there to be a cocktail party and a rose ceremony tonight,” one of the unnamed producers said, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“Unfortunately, that will not be happening. There’s a dangerous tropical storm rapidly approaching, and as of an hour ago, it’s heading straight for us.

“So for the safety for all of you guys, our staff and our crew, we are recommending that we evacuate immediately.”

Equipment was secured, the cast was ushered into vehicles and the empty beach apparently endured quite a storm that evening, according to Page Six.

The contestants had a variety of reactions, including frenetic goodbye kisses, hurried packing and worrying what the future would hold if not their significant other.

“Earlier today I was stressed about who I was gonna give my rose to, but now I’m stressed about getting out of here and being alive,” Tia, one of the contestants, said.

“I don’t know when I’m gonna get to see him again,” Serena, another contestant, said of her new potential beau, Joe. “This could be the end of Paradise for us.”

Distractify is guessing Tropical Storm Dolores was likely the culprit, as it hit the area on June 18 and caused a lot of damage in the two days it took to pass through (and those were days that occurred during the filming timeline).

They also pointed out that the “Bachelor in Paradise” beach is located in Sayulita, Mexico, which was smack dab in the middle of the havoc.

The show has continued for seven seasons, and it hasn’t experienced this sort of evacuation yet, which is a bit of a miracle considering they film during storm season.

Some fans jokingly questioned whether the producers may have scripted the weather as well — but they’re keeping mum on that one.

It’s unclear how much of a delay was caused by the ordeal, but soon the cast was reestablished on the beach — which was once again as paradisical as it ever was — and the show went on.

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